Requirements: domain name can be resolved correctly

Domain name forwarding settings requires two steps:

1, configured in the hair meter (

2, domain name resolution (DNS server non-modified) in the domain name registrar (or DNS resolution provider)

Step 1: Send meters register an account, and add the domain name in the console and forwarding records

Sign rice issued account link (Registered skip log in directly):

Enter “m hair Console” point forward the domain name management,

Here we forwarded and example:

The two records forwarded to

1, according to add a domain name as shown in FIG.


2, as shown in Figure add forwarding record (add two repeat)

Add the www record

And the record is added without the www

3, Cname find the address and copy resolution, the operation for later use:

Step Two: DNS resolve

1. Log in to your DNS management platform (usually the domain name registrar, has changed from the DNS server domain need to sign DNS service providers, such as DNSPod), and the corresponding need to enter the domain name management page

For example, as shown in FIG million net domain name resolution points:


Or, the new network management domain point MYDNS


2, parsing

The following operations are similar in each DNS service provider process,

Thousands network as an example (the new network and other service providers do not need to point the domain name “Advanced Analysis”),

As shown, the address recording Cname just copy the value of fill meter hair console.



Because some DNS resolution do not allow the use of the recording mode Cname without WWW, so we can use the A record parsing mode:

First we need to get forward as shown in Figure node’s IP address,

As shown in FIG then copy the acquired IP parsing A recording method,


After successfully resolved generally take effect quickly, but if the unit has accessed the domain name, DNS cache will exist, so it is necessary to wait a few hours before the machine can be updated.


We can use the tool to detect the entry into force meters provided hair quickly determine whether or not resolved successfully:

Find the corresponding record in MFPad console forward line, dot into force test button

If prompted already in force, then it would Congratulations, forwards already in force!